Strategic alliances and clients

Among our strategic alliances and clients are Universities and Technological Institutes, SMEs, Associations and National foundations. Among others, we work with:


Our strategic partners


Innovation programs


Major customers

Our strategic partners

Institut Jean Lamour – France

Etec – Perú

Centro Tecnológico de la Energía y el Medio Ambiente – Spain

Universidad Católica San Pablo – Perú

Fraunhofer – Germany

Mexichem – México

Fondecyt – Perú

Universidad Tecnológica del Perú

 HOP Ubiquitous – Spain

Magtel – Spain

 Innóvate – Perú


Principales Clientes

Minsur S.A.

Yale Perú

Mexichem – México

Opciones ingeniería y tecnología ambiental SRL

Futura Ingenieros

Grupo Inca

Innovation programs

Innóvate Perú

The program seeks to increase business productivity through strengthening the actors of the innovation eco-Consolidar una masa crítica de actores ystem (companies, entrepreneurs and support entities) and facilitate interrelation between them.

It has as specific objectives:

  1. Increase innovation in business production processes.
  2. Promote innovative entrepreneurship.
  3. Facilitate the absorption and adaptation of technologies for companies.


An initiative of the National Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Technological (CONCYTEC) responsible for capturing, managing and channeling resources in co-financing to natural and legal persons that make up the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation Technological (SINACYT), destined to the training of human resources highly specialized and to the development of scientific research, the technological application of knowledge and its introduction to the market, and to the attention of social needs.

It has as specific objectives:

  1. Consolidate a critical mass of actors and actions in Science,
    Technology and Innovation
  2. Place the Science, Technology and Innovation community of Peru
    in the main world references.
  3. Position FONDECYT as a strategic partner of Science, Technology and Innovation in Peru.


National Program for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (PNIPA) is a
entity attached to the Ministry of Production.

PNIPA is a program with three projects:

  1. Productivity in aquaculture: More than 220 million soles has PNIPA to promote innovation projects in aquaculture, with State funds and the World Bank.
  2. PNIPA has more than 58 million soles to finance projects Governance of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Innovation System with State funds and the World Bank.
  3. National Fishing Innovation Project: More than 108 million soles has PNIPA to promote innovation projects in fishery, with funds from the state and the World Bank.
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