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Client: Futura ingenieros S.A.C.

Innovation area: Environment

Economic Activity: Biotecnology

Project’s location: Lima

Duration: 24 meses

Associated Entities: Universidad Tecnológica del Perú (UTP)

BIO CARRIER PTAR Project Engineering and technology improvement of wastewater treatment with a moving bed reactor using suspended supports from recycled high-density polyethylene adhered with activated charcoal obtained through agro-industrial waste.

The proposed innovation is based on secondary residual water treatment through a fluidized bed reactor using  Recycled HDPE plastic supports bonded with activated carbon from agro-industrial waste, which due to its characteristics that will be described in greater detail in the next section, allows us to improve the decrease of the organic load, which leads to a improvement in the efficiency of waste water treatment. Activated charcoal is already known and is widely used for water treatment since it has an big internal surface, which makes it especially suitable for the adsorption of chemical substances; that is why it will be placed on the support surface ; also the morphology of the support will allow to accumulate bacterial  load due to the corrugated characteristics, with which the treatment of organic matter will take place. Both characteristics  will allow us to get better efficiency in residual water treatment.

Futura ingenieros S.A.C. General Manager

Wilian Gonzales

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