More than S/.7 000 000 managed in R&D&I projects

Thanks to our track record and constant commitment to innovation, scientific-technological projects were managed in different areas.

Investigation, Development and Innovation Projects (R&D&I).

Client: Universidad Católica de Santa María (UCSM)

Developped project type:  Basic and Applied Research Projects.

Economic Activity: Textile Industry

Project’s location: Arequipa

Duration: 24 meses

Associated Entities: Currently under negotiation.

FISEBRALPAC Project: Technological development of a system of separation,  classification and categorization of alpaca fiber (Suri and Huacaya) using physical and electrostatic principles, to obtain fiber of Imperial quality in Arequipa.


Peru currently leads the production of alpacas worldwide, having a production of 86%  of the Huacaya type, and 14% of the Suri type. The main disadvantage is having a poor  classification system for the amount of production obtained annually. This project  provides an efficient alternative for the classification and separation of alpaca fiber, and the potential of obtaining Royal and Imperial quality fiber; taking advantage  of its morphological and dielectric properties. The purpose of the proposal is to  develop a technological classification system using electrostatic and mechanical  principles and to obtain a substantial separation of different fiber qualities such as Baby Alpaca (23 to 19 microns), Royal (19 microns) and Imperial (18 microns or less).

Project’s Invertigator – Client: Universidad Católica de Santa María

Hugo Angel Barreda De La Cruz

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