More than S/.7 000 000 managed in R&D&I projects

Thanks to our track record and constant commitment to innovation, scientific-technological projects were managed in different areas.

Investigation, Development and Innovation Projects (R&D&I).

Client: Industrial Yale del Perú S.A.C.

Innovation area: Mining, metallurgy and metalworking

Economic Activity: Metalworking

Project’s location: Lima

Duration: 24 meses

Associated Entities: Universidad Tecnológica del Perú (UTP)

RUBBER MATFIS Project: Development of a system with cognitive technology (relationship between laboratory area – pressing process) for predicting the physical-mechanical characteristics of vulcanized rubber, based on the chemical formulations of the company Industrias yale del Perú.

This proposal proposes the development of a pilot system, which It consists of two components: Hardware and software. The component of software consists in implementing sensors that allow measuring the influencing variables of the rheometric curve, such as torque, temperature and time at different points, to the pressing operation. All this will be integrated into an electronic control board (SPGA) for industrial use. As well as a software that through the combination of formulations and aforementioned variables can optimally determine the vulcanization time based on customer requirements; that is, based on the functionality of the piece. This pilot system will allow the Yale company to evaluate the performance of the controlled parameters in real time over time, as well as being able to monitor and control the pressing operation remotely. all this Information will be hosted on a web server. The stored information It will be properly encrypted.

General Manager at YALEPERÚ – Industrial Yale Perú SAC

Nilo Martinez

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